Caving, Trekking, Hiking, Chasing Waterfalls at Sta. Victoria, in Ilagan, Isabela, Philippines

January 2012

I was assigned in Isabela for a project back in 2011 to 2012. One Saturday me and my client’s staffs went on a day trip to Sta. Victoria Caves in Ilagan, Isabela. It’s an hour (or two, can’t remember) from Cauayan City.

Before going to the caves, we stopped over to see the biggest lazy chair in the world or locally known as giant “butaka” in Ilagan.

Biggest lazy chair in the world/ Gian Butaka
Biggest lazy chair in the world
Biggest lazy chair in the world/ Gian Butaka
Biggest lazy chair in the world

Finally, we made it to the park! I can’t remeber how much we paid for the entrace fee but it should be less that 50 pesos.

403737_368697136480364_585323164_n 394532_368697586480319_596495516_n

Caving (or spelunking) begins! I think everyone in this trip are first timers, we are all wearing jeans! A big no-no in CAVING!!! We all learned that the hard way in this trip! Our guide was a little girl who lives in the area. She said we don’t have to pay her, she just want to accompany us… but of course we did give her money for being a good guide.

397065_368689019814509_517637407_n 393887_368693799814031_1780784350_n

401085_368692399814171_289004652_n 398082_368684163148328_1211025340_n 404532_368678983148846_816486637_n 403897_368677963148948_1988853524_n 404276_368673739816037_1125124172_n 401149_368674646482613_1094039647_n

There are about 12 limestone caves in this park. I don’t think we went inside all of these 12 caves though. The Altar cave and Moon cave are the only names I can remember, I swear other caves has its own name. Jeez, I am getting old!

After three hours caving, we stayed in the zoo for a bit. My friends man-handled a python, I wont posts their photos because it’s too funny looking at their scared faces lol. Here’s a croc instead:


Guess what we did after? We went trekking again, this time going to the waterfalls!

395593_368657413151003_7295911_n 403736_368656743151070_1894623111_n

The trek was a bit of a challenge because all of us were first timers on this kind of trip (except the guide of course). I really had a good time in this trip and I recommend this to anyone looking for a trip near Isabela or Tuguegarao.


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