One day in Rome

It is such a shame to say we only stayed at the beautiful city of Rome for only a day. But then, we have to maximize our day and see everything we could.

Frome Prague we flew to Rome via Vuellig airlines. From the Airport, we took private airport transfer from Rome Airport Transportation Company which costed about 48 euros for two people one way. Our hotel called Caesar House Residenze is located near the Coloseum. It took about 40 minutes from airport to our hotel. Traffic was not that bad.

Our hotel is nicely situated, only seven minutes walk from the Coloseum and just few steps away from Roman Forum. On our first night, we’ve had a look at the Roman forum. Note that the streets in Rome are so small you would not even think it is a street, so make sure you always stay and walk on the side.



The receptionist Rossanna is such a wonderful lady, she showed places to eat and recommended places to see.

After having breakfast at the hotel, we went straight ahead to the Coloseum. We went there before it even open to make sure we avoid the long qeue.




The Coloseum is a truly remarkable. I can just imagine myself revisiting some scenes from Spartacus while I was there. After spending few hours inside, we decided to check out the Roman Forum. The qeue back in the Coloseum was very long only, good thing we were there early.




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