Into the Blue… Mountains

Just a 2 hour drive from Sydney is this wonderful blue mountains. IMGP3774 IMGP3775 IMGP3778

Driving there is easy, you can take A32 if you don’t have e-tags like us or M2 to get there by 1h 39 mins. Be careful driving as it can be foggy in the morning.IMGP3767

If you want to get around blue mountains easily and more fun, go to Scenic World and try Skyway, Cableway, Railway and Walkway. We had so much fun trying all the rides and walking around the rainforest.

We started our day with a brekki at their cafe, after that we tried our first ride – Skyway! It’s a little scary floating in the air but it’s so much fun!



We walked 20 minutes going back to Scenic World. What’s lovely about walking is you get to different view points and enjoy the wonderful scenery!

IMGP3791 IMGP3790 IMGP3806 IMGP3818 IMGP3794 IMGP3809 IMGP3804

We get across small waterfalls!


We got so hungry after walking 20 minutes – lol, soooo we had an early lunch at their restaurant. They have a meal deal which would cost you $19.95 on site but only $16.95 if you buy online. The food is OK, not great but will do 🙂


After lunch, we tried the world’s steepest railway! There’s hundreds of people and we qeued for almost 20 minutes. The ride was fun though, it’s like you’re almost standing and not sitting while on the train – scary but super fun!


From the Railway, we walked for about 30 minutes in the rainforest.

IMGP3843 IMGP3856 IMGP3857 IMGP3842

Such a nice walk as the weather is so cool. We took the Cableway going back to Scenic World building.


We called it a day at 1 pm an headed back to Sydney! We will surely go back and see other sides of the blue mountain, maybe go to Genolan caves? 🙂


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