What to do if you only have one day in Sagada

June 2013

Toploading from Bontoc to Sagada! Di pa uso ang selfie stick dati, kaya eto sa inyo!


Only one day in Sagada??? Yeah, me and my friend Ana decided to go to Batad with our new found friend Athena from Taiwan. So the two/three days that we are supposed to spend in Sagada became one day! So what to do in a day? Spelunking! Me and Ana arrived early afternoon in Sagada. After having lunch, we headed to the tourism office where we met couple of other tourists (including Athena who is traveling Philippines alone). They were hiring guide for the ‘cave connection’ tour (Sumaguing and Lumiang Cave) and we ended up going with them (because of course the more the merrier). Guides are 1 is to 2 tourists, there were 6 of us so we have 3 guides, hooray!

Welcoming us in the cave are these coffins. Don’t fret, they’re not the hikers! These are the remains of the locals living here. It is called the Burial Cave of Lumiang, the cave is supposed to shelter the remains from the elements.


This is not easy… without the guides, I think I’ll be dead inside. Kidding! I really enjoyed rapelling, crawling and swimming inside the caves.

998057_685979234752151_220326474_n 1011516_685979191418822_186690338_n 994250_685978311418910_555099056_n 1001362_685979338085474_1804862706_n


1012201_685979571418784_2036915522_n 970990_685979761418765_946229722_n 1002564_685980924751982_1309872057_n

The cave is so beautiful! Here are some photos that my guide took:

1005998_685983488085059_1966041663_n 1069318_685981524751922_1939996107_n 1069349_685981504751924_1280489948_n 66128_685981401418601_185849983_n 1005757_685981118085296_2119478126_n

When inside the cave, trust your guide. Listen to them, they know what they are doing. Don’t be scared. Don’t stop believing and don’t give up! If I can do it, so can you!

996897_685981348085273_668966_n 1001921_685983318085076_1999347897_n

I don’t know how long the whole journey took us…maybe 5 hours? I dunno, but I truly enjoyed it! Worth all the pain!

The next day, me and Ana walked around Sagada. We checked out the church and the hanging coffins (from afar):

970808_685984718084936_421596642_n 1003319_685985051418236_1310611348_n

1001694_685977461418995_1430937798_n 1005979_685986478084760_1115550462_n 603406_685986008084807_1717398727_n 996534_685985621418179_1634632003_n 66741_685977884752286_56396514_n

By 10 am, we were back on the road again en route Batad.


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