Shopping and Food Trippin in Osaka

Straight from Takayama, I reached Osaka around 8 pm. I stayed at Hostel Toyo (very cheap btw) which is walking distance from the bus station (of course it took me time getting to the area as I get lost ugh again!!!). After walking around nearby streets, I found a little nice restaurant where I tried plum wine and some deep fried sea food. This is the first time I felt scared walking around alone in Japan. There are few drunkards walking trying to talk to me. Oh well, I still made it to the hostel safe and sound.

Plum wine and deep fried sea food
Plum wine and deep fried sea food

Hotel Toyo may not be for you if you want a sound proof room. I literally can hear every footsteps on the corridor and every chit chats from other rooms. The toilet was just as bad. But hey, I’m a cowboy and I get what I paid for, not complaining here! What I love about the hotel though is that the staff are so good in English and would always be there to help you. A staff told me to bring an umbrella because it is going to rain, I ignored his advise so I ended up… soaking wet in the rain 😦 yeah I know. When a japanese guy tells you to bring umbrella, bring one!!!

My room in Hotel Toyo, with aircon and tv
My room in Hotel Toyo, with aircon and tv

The next day, I went shopping at Daiso which was great, I spent 2000 yen on useful stuff. After that, I catched a train ad went food trippin at Dotonburi – the Kitchen of Japan… Okonomiyaki, japanese hot cake (i forgot the japanese term), fried stuff and fruit shake and coffee jellya are some of the food I tried here.

IMGP1586 IMGP1590 IMGP1584 IMGP1583 IMGP1582 IMGP1581 IMGP1580 IMGP1574 IMGP1564 IMGP1555 IMGP1554 IMGP1577 IMGP1579

After food trippin, I went to another shopping district called Tenjimbashi-suji Shopping Street – the longest one in Japan. Jeezzzzz the japanese shoes are so adorable!!! I wish I bought lots of them.

IMGP1572 IMGP1570 IMGP1569 IMGP1568 IMGP1567 IMGP1565

It rained so didn’t go out and see Himeji castle, I went back to the hostel and checked out. Headed to the airport back to Manila.
The japanese people are so helpful even if they can’t speak English, they will still help you! One time I had a chat with a beautiful Japanese woman who asked me where I am from and how old I am. So I told her and she said how brave of me to travel all alone in Japan.

My whole Japan trip is so amazing… it started with my trip to Arashiyama, Kyoto, then Takayama and Shirakawa-go and ended up in Osaka.


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