Getting lost in Hida Takayama

As part of my trip to Shirakawa-go trip (read story here or here for more photos), I stayed one night in Takayama. The bus trip from Kyoto was part of the tour that I booked in J Hoppers– leaving morning and arriving afternoon in Takayama. The bus is a nice double decker with few stopover during the journey. It would take 5 hours to reach Takayama from Kyoto but as soon as you reach the mountain area, you won’t be bored of the things that you will see.



As soon as I reached the Takayama proper, adventure begins with finding the J Hoppers hostel. It was pretty hard that time as there was a Takayama food festival and there are heaps of people.


I asked little japanese students if they know where I should go, one of them speaks english but don’t know where my hostel is. Their english teacher came to help but she unfortunately doesn’t know the area too well. Luckily, when I was asking a japanese policeman (who also have limited english), a man approached me. He’s been to Philippines and was surprised a little girl like me was traveling there alone. To make the long story short, he was able to help me.

Home sweet home! My bed for the night, so lovely!

J Hoppers Hostel bed in a female dorm room

Upon checking in, I rest for few minutes (my feet was so sore from all the walking) and then came back to where the food festival is, this time hoping not to get lost again lol!

There are small temples in Takayama that I checked out as well.

IMGP1213 IMGP1212 IMGP1207 IMGP1204

Carps! Literally there are big carps in this river.


Some Japanese fashionista kawaii girls:


I tried the cherry blossom ice cream which I found really delicious:


I also tried some rice goodies in this really old store:


10464059_914285655254840_4803785386761462040_n 10534057_914285635254842_8446390730633649652_n

Some photos of girls dressed up in kimono:


I also checked out the Takayama village where you can find old tradional houses (which was really crowded by tourists and local students by the way).

IMGP1246 IMGP1250 IMGP1262


Wait until 5 or 6 pm and the crowd will clear up… Also, don’t be scared to ask someone to take a photo of you.

IMGP1316 IMGP1310 IMGP1281


Takayama is known for its beef – Hida beef and I tried it in one of the restaurants with matching japanese beer.

Hida beef

It has been a tiring day for me and guess what happened to me on my way to hostel? I got lost again! I was supposed to go to a spa but I literally could not walk and called it a day.

Thanks for reading this post! I will make a post about my trip to Osaka in the coming days!



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