How to apply for NZ work visa based on partnership

I came to nz with 2 mon tourist visa. I applied for work visa based on partnership after 1.5 months of staying because I love NZ and of course I love to be with my kiwi bf, sooooooooo I submitted the following:

1.tenancy agreement with my name and my partners name on it;

2. a bank statement from ANZ for our joint acct;

3. a letter addressed to me (using the same address in the tenancy agreement);

4. copies of emails/skype/fb convos fr the past 2 years;

5. photos of me and my partner from phil. & nz;

6. letters from my parents and my partner’s friends and relatives saying our relationship is ‘stable and genuine’;

7. a letter from me telling a our love story; letter from my partner telling our love story;

8. letter from our immig adviser

9. Medical stuff

10. Payment/fee -$300

11. Passport photos

… anddddd if you’ll have all of these, you’ll be sweet. I never had a problem, no interviews from immigration whatsoever; after couple of weeks i got my 1 year work visa in NZ. 


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