Shirakawa-go Adventures

Japan has lots and lots of World Heritage sites and Shirakawa-go is one of my favorites. It is a small, traditional village showcasing a building style known as gasshō-zukuri. If you are from the Philippines, these can be compared as Japan’s bahay kubo. This place looks the best (for me) during winter when it looks like a Christmas Village. Though I visited Shirakawa-go during spring, it still looks awesome with flowers blooming everywhere.

I booked a tour from J Hoppers Takayama for 13,100 yen which includes bus from and to Kyoto/Osaka, half day tour to Shirakawa-go and overnight stay. Might be expensive but trust me, it would be more expensive going there on your own (booking trains, hostels and tours separately)! Sometimes it is better to book a tour and this one is a great deal!

On the way to Shirakawa-go… still bit of ice on top of the mountain
Japanese rice field workers in tradional clothes

Before going to the actual site, we stopped over a lookout point. There is a souvenir shop here, too.IMGP1356


Shirakawa-go souvenir shop

IMGP1380 IMGP1383



Here are some photos of a temple found inside Shirakawa-go:

IMGP1414 IMGP1408

There is a museum in Shirakawa-go where you can taste Doburoku – an unrefined sake which is offered to the mountain Gods for good harvest. You can only taste this sake here as it is illegal to make it anywhere in Japan but in Shirakawa-go.

IMGP1420 IMGP1419

Doburoku - sake for God
Doburoku – sake for God

To see more photos of Shirakawa-go, please visit my site



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