Guy in motorcycle offering HCMC tourists a tour for 2 million dong!!! Beware!

Had this crazy idea of traveling in Ao Dai (Vietnam’s national dress which was lent to me by a very nice fellow couchsurfer) around Ho Chi Mihn. Walking around, lost (as always) on my way a cathedral (which is supposed to be just behind the market lol, a motorcycle driver noticed me, told me I was dep lam (beautiful) and offered me a tour for 20,000 dong.

He showed me a book full of photos from tourists with their ‘thank you for being awesome tour guide blah blah blah’ notes. Seeing this book, and amazed by his english speaking skills, I instantly thought he’s trustworthy. He brought me to places where a ‘tourist’ don’t usually go. He even treated me local sugarcane juice (the sugarcane will be pressed in front of you, and drink the juice with ice of course), a couple of beer, snacks. He also became my photographer. So after the trip, I felt really great because it was such an awesome day until he said I need to pay 2-freaking-million dong! He said its not 20,000 dong but 20 US dollars per hour which I swear he didn’t mentioned at all! I was almost crying because that 2 million dong’s worth is a lot (how many TNF bags can I buy with that money huhu). Well, I ain’t sure if this guy has some kind of weapon or something. He might try to kill me if I don’t pay, so I paid!

This has been one of the worst thing that happened to me on my solo adventures (aside from being stalked at Muara beach, Brunei). So pips, if you find yourself in HCMC and a dude in a motorcycle approach you showing you a notebook full of photos of his victim (you might see me on that notebook, lol) just say NO and walk away!

It still suck being ‘robbed’ with that money, but anyway, at least I have these awesome photos wearing Ao Dai:

SAM_9234 SAM_9231 SAM_9225 SAM_9243 SAM_9242


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