How to apply for New Zealand Visitor Visa (60 days or less)

New Zealand Tourist Application for Filipinos

I recently got my New Zealand tourist visa and to help other Filipinos out there, here is my list. Note that this is only good for less than 3-month travel and if you are staying in NZ for 3-6 months, you would have different sets of requirements that the below list:

1. Application Form:
INZ 1189: For use by people outside New Zealand traveling for tourism or business intending to stay for less than 6 months. To use this form, the applicant, or the employer (if traveling for business), must fund their travel.
INZ 1017: For other visitors, including those who are sponsored, staying for more than 6 months, or undertaking short term study.

-Since my boyfriend is sponsoring my stay, I filled up INZ 1017.

2. Fees – waived if you stay not longer than 60 days.

-Fees are applicable depending on the month you are staying. Say, you want to extend your visa, you can always do so when you are in NZ. Just bring all the requirements there.

3. Valid passport

4. Evidence of financial ability
a. completed Sponsorship Form for Visiting New Zealand (INZ 1025)
b. Bank certificate
c. Bank statement
d. Credit card statement

-Although I was sponsored, I also make sure that I had enough money in the bank.

5. Certificate of employment with salary, position and approved date of leave

-Yes, this is REALLY important.

6. Travel itinerary (flight bookings, hotel accommodations)

-You can always ask your travel agent to give you a booking certificate (although the flight it is not paid yet). Luckily, I met Ms. Coloma from during the NZ fair. She was nice enough to give me a booking certificate. For hotels, I booked using, just make sure that there is FREE CANCELLATION so in case your travel plans changed up, it wouldn’t cost you!

7. Birth certificate

-The immigration will give back the original copy so do not worry!

8. Copy of previous visa

After completing the requirements, head to VIA center where you have to lodge your application. Fees are applicable for processing and sending back the visa. To go to VIA, ride a jeepney from MRT Magallanes. If you see a building with Starbucks and 121 Bar, that’s it!

Processing would take around 5-10 working days. But before they will grant you a visa, expect a phone interview. Since my bf is sponsoring my stay, the immigration asks about how long our relationship has been, where me meet, how we met, and asked me about my bf’s details (such as full name, address). She also asked about whether I have plans in settling in NZ permanently. I said yes and I actually told her I have interviews in NZ!!! Lol! I was such an honest person, and I thought she will deny my visa (I did not mention about having interviews in my application form)! Well, she asked what my profession is, maybe that’s the reason why she granted my visa! 🙂


3 thoughts on “How to apply for New Zealand Visitor Visa (60 days or less)

  1. Good day .I just want to know if they really want a hotel reservation even my bf told me that i will stay at their house for a month? thank you hope you help me..Thank you.

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