Day 1: November 29, 2012

I arrived at Lumbia Airport at around 9:30 am. I was supposed to take a jeep to the city proper but a cab driver asked me if I don’t mind sharing a cab with another passenger and pay only Php 150. I meet my friends coming from Butuan City at Lim Ket Kai Mall. After withdrawing some cash, me and my friends went to another friend’s house in Regency.

After having lunch at Mcdonald’s near Ateneo, we hop to the jeepney to start our rafting adventure.  We dropped by the Great White Water Tours and pay for Php 1250 each and leave our valuables


It took almost an hour to reach the place where we would start rafting.


Our guide taught us the basic of rafting (how to move forward, backward, left, right, etc.)


Our package is advanced – that means that we’ll be trying out 24 rafts J


High five after a raft


Row row your boat



Yuko yuko stones and snakes ahead


My friends standing in the boat (I have no guts, I have bad sense of balance)



After 4 hours in the water, we still have the rush 🙂


After taking a bath, we went back to our friend’s house.

We had dinner at Tita Fannie’s – it is a local restaurant that serves local delicacies. Sorry I have no picture L

After pigging out, we went to Ateneo (they are celebrating a festival).

We went back home at midnight

Day 1 expenses:

Taxi to Lim Ket Kai – 150

Lunch at Chowking – 78

Van to Regency – 20

Taxi to Ateneo – 140/4

Lunch at Mcdo – 52

Rafting fee – 1250

Tricycle – 10

Taxi to regency – 150/4

Van to Ateneo – 15

Dinner – 92

Gellato – 50

Jeepney to highway – 10

Tricycle to Regency – 8

Total Expenses for DAY 1: 1807.5

Day 2: November 30, 2012


We left the house at 5am and took a van going to the port at Market City. It took almost an hour before we left Market city because the van has to wait for other passengers.

We reached the post at almost 8am.


We reached Camiguin at 10:30 am and had a quick breakfast upon landing.

This is an impromptu trip and we have no booking for any accommodation and tour. So we asked around the people in the canteen where we could rent a multi cab with driver to tour us around.

We found a very cheap tour for only 1500 (for four of us) to tour us around Camiguin for a day.

First stop is Katibawasan falls. After paying 20 pesos, we headed to the coldest falls in Camiguin.


It is the coldest falls I have been to.



We ate Kipling – a local delicacy


We headed to Sunken cemetery after.



After finishing off our buko, we went to Church ruins.





After praying, we went to Cold Spring.



And then hot spring…




We went back home (Lydia’s cottages) at 6 pm calling it a day

SAM_7247 SAM_7250 SAM_7272

After having dinner at the nearby canteen, we went to a store and bought liquors and chips for a party by the beach.



Taxi to terminal – 150/4

Van to port – 120

Fare to Camiguin – 175

Breakfast – 50

Multicab rental – 1500/4

Katibawasan falls entrance fee – 20

Kipling – 10

Lydia’s accommodation – 1300/4

Buko at Sunken Cemetary – 20

Cold Spring – 20

Hot Spring – 30

Dinner and Liquors – 100

Total Expenses for Day 2 – 1282.5


DAY 3: December 1, 2012

We woke up in a morning rain waiting for the hired boater to knock on our door.  Sandbar!!! Here we come!

SAM_7296 SAM_7299

The weather was quite bad (a typhoon came after we left Camiguin) so it felt like rafting we were in the sea. The sandbar was awesome, before you get there you could see corals surrounding it.

A vendor approached us and offered us some sea urchin for 20 pesos. It was my first time eating that haha I must say :ppppp

SAM_7308 SAM_7305

SAM_7360 SAM_7389 SAM_7409


We headed back to CDO before lunch time.


We reached CDO at 3pm, we had a quick stop at Missy Bon Bon at LimKetKai to buy the famous pastel (buns with yema inside)



Day 3 expenses:

Fare to white island – 500/4

Fare to terminal – 10

Van fare to port – 30

Fare to CDO – 170

Psalubong – 140

Total expenses for Day 3 – 475



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