Lonely Traveller: Exploring Davao in 2N/2D


Manila to Davao

ETD: 16:55

ETA: 18:40

And I am not afraid to try it on my own

And I don’t care if I’m right or wrong

I live my life the way I feel

No matter what I keep it real…

It’s time for me to do this ON MY OWN…

This trip was supposed to be shared with my co-consultant, Allyssa. But she was assigned for a project in Butuan City. I am scared to travel alone but I can’t miss the chance to experience Davao. Well, as the song says, it’s time for me to do this on my own.

I was advised to take taxi from Francisco Bangoy International Airport to Downtown Davao but because I am a very thrift person, I took public transportation. From the airport, I walked to the National Highway (500 m). I went to the other side of the road through the underground pass. I was supposed to take Claveria jeep but because my eyesight doesn’t work well in the night and I was super scared, I took the first jeep that stopped in front of me. The conductor drops me off Bajada where I took a Claveria jeep. I asked the driver if he could drop me off My Hotel but instead he dropped me off Magallanes where I catched a jeep with San Pedro signboard.

I checked in for two nights in a non-airconditioned room at My Hotel. The toilet and bath are being shared. There is a sink inside the room for the customer’s convenience.


There is an eat-all-you-can inside My Hotel for P 120 but I decided to have dinner at Kusina Davao just across the street. I ordered Seepo rice toppings and a softdrink.


Jeep from airport to Bajada – P 14

Jeep to Magallanes – P 8

Jeep to San Pedro – P8

Room Accommodation – P 600 (P 300 w/ TV, P 250 w/o TV ). A key deposit of P 200 was collected and shall be refunded upon check out.

Dinner at Kusina Davao – P93

Day 1 – P 723


Day 2

I woke up at 4:30 am to prepare and left at 5:00 am. I had a quick breakfast at Kusina Davao and ordered Arozcaldo. I took a Route 2 jeep going to Ecoland. Traffic in Bankerohan was heavy even if it’s early. I reached Ecoland Bus Terminal at 6:00 am. I took a Cotabato-bound bus going to Digos City and dropped off at the New Digos Terminal (this is the second terminal from Davao, the first one is in Sta. Cruz. If you see the Lion statue in Digos, you know you’re near the terminal). It took about two hours to reach Digos City.

From the new terminal, I rode a tricycle going to the “Old” Digos Terminal where I can ride a van going to Kapatagan. It was 7:40 am when I arrived and no passenger was in the van. The driver said I have to wait for the van to get full before it leaves. I waited for an hour and still no passenger. I could no longer wait so I decided to ride habal habal. As soon as the driver agreed on the fare we left Digos at 9:15 am.

For those who are afraid getting sunburns, make sure you put on a sunblock before riding habal habal. Also, wear a hooded jacket to protect you from the heat and dust of the city and the cold in Mt. Apo. At first, I thought that riding a habal habal was a bad idea because of the dusty, bumpy and muddy streets but this is where the actual adventure begins. I reached Kapatagan at 10:10 am. I trekked for 20 minutes to reach Camp Sabros.


The foggy grounds of Camp Sabros



There were few tourists at the camp since it was a weekday. One of the staff was nice enough to take pictures of me while on the zipline.

The first one I tried is the 380 meter-rideImage

My first ever zipline ride


The zipline at Camp Sabros offers the great view of lush greeneries of Mt. Apo

Second ride is 400 meter long

Third ride is a cable lift

Fourth and final ride is the 820 meter long zipline

The four rides took me 30 minutes to complete.
The travel and rides made me hungry so I ordered porkchop.

pine trees

Camp Sabros also offers room accommodations

I left the camp at 1:00 pm. The staffs called a habal habal driver to take me to Digos City.

From the terminal, I took a bus going to Davao. I dropped off Calinan where I rode a jeep going to Malagos. From Malagos I rode habal habal to Malagos Water District. I reached the Philippine Eagle Center at 4:00 pm.

Pay P 5 entrance fee at Malagos Water District

Pay P 150 entrance fee at Philippine Eagle Center

There are also other animals at the center

After buying souvenirs, I left Philippine Eagle Center at 5:00 pm.

I rode habal habal to L3 where I took a ride going back to Davao City. I reached Ateneo De Davao at 6:00 pm. I then rode a jeep going to Buhangin and dropped off at Victoria Mall. I waited for a co-consultant assigned in Davao so we can both have dinner together at Abreeza Mall. From Abreeza I took Sasa bound jeep and got off at San Pedro.


Breakfast at Kusina Davao – P 40

Jeep to Ecoland – P 8

Bus to Digos City – P 80

Tryk to Old terminal – P10

Habal habal to Kapatagan – P 200

Zipline ride – P 550

Lunch – P105

Habal habal to Digos – P 200

Bus to Calinan – P 80

Jeep to Malagos – 30

Habal habal to Water District – 30

Water District entrance fee – P 5

Entrance fee to Philippine Eagle Center – P150

Habal habal to L3 – P 20

L3 to Downtown – P 45

Jeep to Victoria Mall – P 8

Dinner – P 100

Jeep to My Hotel – P 10

Day 2 – P 1686




Okay! This is my final day in Davao, gotta make the most out of it! I woke up early for Samal Island. I took a cab from My Hotel to Sasa Wharf, from there I rode a Bangka to Paradise Island Resort.

I watch sunrise at the beach, there are few tourist at this time.

I had my breakfast at 8:00 am. I ordered omelette, garlic rice and durian frappe


I left the beach at 9:30 am.

From Sasa Wharf, I took a jeep going to San Pedro. Travel time from Sasa to San Pedro is about 20 minutes. From San Pedro I walked a few blocks back to My Hotel. I checked out from My Hotel at 11:30 am and walked 2 blocks to People’s Park.

It was 12 noon and the park opens at 1:00 pm. When the staffs knew that I was from Manila and will leave at the night, they let me inside the park. However, since the park is still closed, the fountains and waterfalls are not yet opened to enjoy

The staffs suggested that I go to Pasalubong center just beside the park.


I was supposed to go to Magsaysay Park but when I asked around people, they said the park is not that beautiful. I took a cab going to the Crocodile Park instead after a quick lunch at a near carinderia.

Paying the P 150 entrance fee will let you access the Crocodile Park, Tribu K’ Mindanawan and the Butterfly House.

Pay P 40 to hold a python or a baby croc plus the photo.

Tribu K’ Mindanawan shares different types of Bahay Kubo around Mindanao. A fire show is scheduled at 5:45 pm on that day.

The butterfly House is not that huge

At around 4:00 pm it started to rain and it such a hassle to commute. I took a cab going to Magsaysay to buy fresh durian.

Durian cost P 50 per kilo. It is advisable to have the fruit opened and stored in a disposable container (P 20) and then placed in a styro (P 70 in the market, P100 in the airport). Note that it should be placed in styro to be checked in.

From Magsaysay, I rode a Tarum bound bus and dropped off at the airport’s entrance.

I went to Davao with no clear itinerary. Believe me; I was having second thoughts of going to Digos City to experience riding a zipline. But when I saw Mt. Apo, all the “pagod” from 3 hours of commuting were gone with the fresh breeze of pine trees. I was quite disappointed by the Paradise Island though as the shores were covered with “bubong” and there were litters on the water. The next time I’ll go to Samal, I’ll make sure to book at Pearl Farm and try different water activities there. Buying fruits at Bankerohan is a lot cheaper than in Magsaysay but I am not sure if they have the containers and styro there. Also make sure that the Crocodile Park is your last destination as this is the nearest from the airport (I know, I should have bought durian in Bankerohan). Don’t worry about your things as you can leave them at the guardhouse at Crocodile Park. Don’t dare to commute going to Crocodile Park unless you want to walk a few kilometres. People in Davao are the nicest, the drivers are honest, and the people entertain questions from a very “makulit” girl like me. Don’t be scared to ask people about directions because almost all Davaoos understand tagalog (I am just lucky to have Visayan-born parents that’s why I understand a few bisaya words).

Nevertheless, this trip is memorable to me because it is:

  1. My first time to ride a zipline
  2. My first time to ride habal habal
  3. My first time to trek alone
  4. My first time to see an eagle, a tiger, an owl and a lot of animals
  5. My first time going to the beach alone
  6. My first time to hold a crocodile
  7. My first time to eat mangosteen, and


DAY 3:

Taxi to Sasa – P 131

Bangka to Paradise Island Resort – P 15

Entrance fee (with P 50 consumables) at Paradise Island – P 200

Breakfast – P 255

Bangka to Sasa – P 15

Jeep to San Pedro – P 14

Lunch – P 80

Taxi to Crodile Park – P 145

Entrance Fee – P 150

Photo with the animals – P 40

Taxi to Magsaysay – P 135

Bus to Airport (Tarum bound) – P 40

Day 3 – P 1220




3 thoughts on “Lonely Traveller: Exploring Davao in 2N/2D

  1. H heydelin..nice blog… i am also interested to go solo travelling.. but very much hesitant. You know filipinas are not comfortzble alone traveling. I envy your bravery.. i might be travelling to davao alone dis january. Any tips? Tnx.

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