Boracay Experience

I arrived at Caticlan airport at 7am via Cebupacific. I was the first one in our group to arrive so I decided to walk from the airport to the Jetty Port (approximately 5 mins) to cut some cost. At the Jetty port, I paid Php 100 for terminal fee, Php 75 for environmental fee and Php 25 for the Bangka fee. It would take 20 mins to get to the port. From the port, I rode a tricycle with 4 other passengers, paying only Php 20. I took off PCTV cable at Station 2 where I was supposed to meet Kuya Toto of AJ Traveller’s Inn where we will be staying. Unfortunately, there was no signal for Globe Telecom and there was no way to contact him. I ask people around the area but no one seemed to know the place. Luckily, I came across one lady who knows the place.

The whole place is really nice. Since I was the first one to arrive, I get to choose the bed first. Our room has a nice toilet and bath, 2 beds and one huge LCD TV. It was really tiring since I spent the night at the airport and didn’t get enough sleep. The whole place was so comfortable, I fell asleep immediately.

It was lunch time when Mam Len arrived. We were both hungry and decided to go to D’ Talipapa and buy some fresh seafoods to make “paluto” at the restaurants. We ate buttered shrimps, grilled fish and stuffed squids. We also bought some pork meat to cook for dinner. It was late afternoon when Tope, JR and Tey arrived. Few minutes later their arrival, Jayson also joined us. We ate dinner early so we can go strolling at the beach.

While strolling we get to see a lot of fire dancers. It was my first time seeing this kind of entertainment. The dancers are super amazing!!!