Boracay Experience part 2

The weather was perfect for some beach activities! We started the day by a sumptuous meal (thanks to Mam Len and JR for a great cooking!) and then ask one of Kuya Toto’s friends, Michael to give us options on activities we will be doing for the day. We haggled for the best deal! We soon end up paying Php 1100 (there were 5 of us) each for island hopping, Crystal Cove Island entrance fee, snorkelling and Fly Fish.


We were all excited to try Fly Fish for the first time.


Soon after gearing up, we found ourselves “flying.” We all gripped the handle as if it was the grip of our life. Luckily, I was able to survive the whole experience at hindi ako nahulog! Thanks to my super tight grip. Although some of us were dropped we all had a great time riding the Fly Fish. We recommend this activity to those who are bored with banana boat.

After riding the Fly Fish, we went to the Crystal Cove Island to go caving.

The island is super nice.
This place is so amazing; a lot of tourist go and eat their lunch here

Getting to the first cove is quite easy; you just have to pass a very small opening with a spiral stair leading to the cave


Getting to the second cove is tough. You have to crawl to get there.


Be very careful in entering this cave. You don’t want to get some “bukol” in your head. Also, you don’t wanna take off your footwear here if you don’t want to get bruises (which happened to me).


It was my first time snorkelling. I did not try it during our Bantayan trip because I was scared to drown (FYI, I can not swim). It is such a wonderful experience to see the underwater world. Too bad I cannot share underwater pictures yet (I don’t have a underwater camera at this moment).

We went back to Boracay Island with smile on our faces for the adventures we did for the day. We had a little snack at Jonah’s and then stroll around the beach.

It was sunset; all our cameras were lowbat but were still able to get some amazing photos.


The picturesque beach with its powdery white sand relieves us from all the stress we had in the city.




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